Pets are our best friends, exercise buddies, confidants, protectors, social icebreakers and so much more. That’s why so many people today consider pets to be family. These Pets Matter videos are just a few examples of the many ways pets make life better.

Ernie and Holly

Meet Ernie and Holly, two best friends who go everywhere together. Pets give us companionship and love. That’s why it’s so important to have pet-friendly places so people and pets can have a great life together.

Joseph and Maya

Meet Joseph and Maya, a beloved dog he had to give up because of housing restrictions. See how Joseph shares his love of pets at a local animal shelter now, and why pet-friendly housing is so important to a happy, healthy life with pets.

Rocklin the Courthouse Dog

Meet Rocklin, a courthouse dog in Williamson County, TN who helps kids in the family court system. The unconditional love of a trained therapy pet can help kids temporarily forget their stress, bringing comfort in the toughest times.

Pets and Kids

Tough days are easier with a pet by your side. In this new ad from the CESAR® brand, see how the love and attention of a dog could transform a child’s first day at a new school. Find out more here.

Service Dogs

A service dog can be a lifesaving means of recovery for a veteran. These special animals help thousands of veterans and servicemen and women resume normal activities. See why it’s so important that businesses understand how to interact with customers with service dogs.