Pets deserve loving homes

It’s impossible to know how many U.S. pets are homeless. Estimates are in the tens of millions. Yet many animal shelter, rescue and foster programs are under-funded or have limited space. This can mean they’re less comfortable for pets or unappealing for potential visitors who might consider adoption.

Since 2005, we have been helping shelters across the country with monetary grants, pet food donations and renovations. In Middle Tennessee, where Mars Petcare US is headquartered, we continue to work with both public and private shelters to enhance the shelters, support homeless pets, encourage adoption and help lower euthanasia for lack of space.

Through our BETTER CITIES FOR PETS™ program, we’re working to capture the best practices we’ve developed and share them with more communities.


Helping improve SHELTERS for the pets who live there

In partnership with Rescue Rebuild, each year Mars Petcare US helps fund and provide onsite support for shelter enhancements such dog play yards, improved fencing and cat enrichment areas.

Our first effort of 2017 was our largest-ever volunteer event in the United States, where 400 Mars Petcare US Associates helped enhance Pima Animal Care Center and Christopher Columbus Dog Park in Tucson, Arizona. Their work including painting bridges and walkways, adding turf to meet-and-greet yards, building a new roof to provide shade for a play area, improving fencing and building cat enrichment shelving. At the dog park, volunteers added agility and enrichment areas and new water fountains, waste receptacles and benches.

Later this year, Mars Petcare US Associates will help build a “Catty Shack” play space and a “Catio” with sunlight and fresh air at Metro Animal Care and Control in Nashville, Tennessee. These spaces will enable cats to spend time out of their cages, lowering their stress and making them more adoptable. And beyond improving the cats’ quality of life, the new spaces will give potential adopters a space to play with the cats and get to know them. Plans are also underway to add a Catio at Nashville Humane Association.

Hosting ADOPTION events to get pets into homes

Since 2012, Mars Petcare US has hosted adoption events to help find homes for Middle Tennessee homeless pets.

Last year, nearly 400 pets were adopted during the two-day event. Ninety Associates volunteered their time to help onsite at Metro Animal Care and Control, Nashville Humane Association and Williamson County Animal center.

Adopting families had their adoption fees covered by Mars Petcare US, and all together, took home 1,300 pound of free pet food and treats, as well as educational materials.

Supporting free-roaming, outdoor CAT COMMUNITIES

Many free-roaming cats are happy living outdoors, but need a little support to stay safe and healthy. In 2017, we joined forces with Pet Community Center to provide humane care for the nearly 2,500 local community cats in the greater Nashville area.

Pet Community Center’s program vaccinates and spays or neuters cats, and then returns them to their preferred home areas. Best practice research indicates that this helps reduce overpopulation and avoid shelter euthanasia.

Beyond helping fund the program, Mars Petcare US volunteers this year built 100 feeding stations and 100 housing shelters for cat colonies all over the area. These have been distributed across a network of cat colony caretakers, providing the community cats with shelter and relief from the elements.

The PEDIGREE® Foundation has awarded more than 4,700 grants to qualified shelters and rescue organizations since 2008, totaling over $6.1 million. The Banfield® Foundation, created in 2015, has helped more than 68,000 pets with $1.7 million in grants.