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Better Cities for Pets™ 

Pets make life better. They are our best friends, encourage healthy activity and offer unconditional love. We want to help more communities make pets welcome, so everyone can enjoy the health and well-being benefits of a life with pets.

Mars Petcare’s BETTER CITIES FOR PETS™ program includes advocacy, education and giving back, and involves partnering with businesses, non-profits and government to help make life better for pets.

Read on for a quick overview of the program. Or, dig in to our Playbook for Pet-Friendly Cities to see our model for pet-friendliness, visit our extensive list of downloadable resources, or pop over to our online store to order materials to help make your community more pet friendly.

The 4 Signs of a Pet-Friendly City

Welcoming Shelters

Providing welcoming shelters that lead to forever homes. See the Shelters section of our Playbook. Get resources for pet-friendly shelters. 

Responsible Homes

Encouraging pet-friendly, responsible homes for pets. See the Homes section of our Playbook. Get resources for pet-friendly homes. 

Here’s how we advocate to people in places of influence: